Services terms and conditions BNL

To purchase QPMC services in Portugal, follow this link.


To purchase QPMC services in the Benelux, you should agree to the following Terms & Conditions:

Invoices are released according to commonly agreed timeframes in Euro.
Where applicable, currency conversions are calculated on the average  buy/sell rates at the date of invoicing.
Invoice payments are due within 30 days of invoice date on the bank account specified on the invoice. All incurred bank transaction costs and commissions are to be paid by the purchaser, including commissions for international payments.

Service Rates coverage
Daily service rates cover 7,6 hours of effective work, whether or not executed at the Client site.
Costs for travel and expenses are included in the daily service rates for activity in the Benelux only.
Travel and subsistence (hotel accomodation and breakfast) costs outside of the Benelux are charged at cost.

Scope and objectives of professional services
The scope and objectives of every mission are documented before or at the beginning of any mission, eiher in a work breakdown specifying resulting deliverables, or, for larger projects, in a Terms Of Reference document (TOR). The TOR specifies goals to be achieved and key practices to be implemented and serves as outline for setting up a more detailed planning.

If you agree to the above conditions, you are ready to place an order.