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Anti-Virus - Anti-Phishing - Anti-Spyware - Anti-Rootkit - Anti-Spam - USB Control - Application Control - Web Protection - Virtual Keyboard - Gaming Mode - Laptop Mode -Folder & File Security - Network Traffic Monitor - User-based Parental - Control - Firewall - Privacy Protection - Identity Theft Prevention



Key Features :

Trendy & Easy to Use Graphical Interface
With eScan 11, you get a trendy, dock-based graphical interface
that is very user-friendly and is specially designed to suit the
emerging technology trends. It has a very sleek intuitive design for
both novice and expert users. It is also very light on system
resources and requires very less memory to operate efficiently,
without compromising the speed of your computer.

Best Protection against Security Threats without
Compromising with the Computer Speed
eScan 11’s new On-Demand Scanner is equipped with Whitelisting
Technology that leads to faster scans and is very light on system
resources. This ensures that your computer does not slow down,
even while eScan is performing thorough system scans.

Effective Real-time Protection to all the Files & Folders
Residing in the Computer
eScan 11 performs Real-time scans on files, e-mails, e-mail
attachments with its advanced and innovative technologies.
It scans content for confidential data, prohibited information,
offensive, and obscene language. In addition, it includes enhanced
Self Protection Technology that prevents new generation malware
from either disabling eScan or deleting its critical files, thus keeping
your computer safe from infections.

Block Notifications & Alerts while Playing Favorite Games
eScan 11 includes an advanced Game Detection feature that
automatically detects the start of a game in full screen mode and
prevents all eScan notifications and alerts from being displayed.
You can thus enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Prevent Memory Intensive Processes for Laptops
eScan 11 includes the Laptop Mode feature that provides
unmitigated battery time on laptops. Whenever you switch the
Laptop Mode, eScan 11 automatically detects this change and
prevents memory intensive processes like scheduled scans from
running. eScan’s Real-time protection remains active while on
Laptop Mode.

Advanced Classification of Ham and Spam E-Mails
eScan 11 controls spam effectively by using Artificial Intelligence
and sophisticated filters that work on the basis of specific keywords
and phrases. This technology uses Artificial Intelligence to learn
your behavior pattern and accordingly classifies e-mails as Ham
(E-mails received by user) or Spam (E-mails quarantined for user).

Comprehensive Digital Protection and Parental Control
eScan 11 provides enhanced Web Protection and Privacy
Protection features, such as User-based Parental Control, Pop-up
Filter, and Virtual Keyboard. Parental Control and Pop-up Filters are
customizable features that would help you block offensive content
and Pop-ups, respectively. eScan 11 also includes an advanced
Web Phishing Filter that warns you of Phishing Web Sites. It is also
equipped with a Virtual Keyboard to protect your system against
keyloggers. You can use this keyboard while typing sensitive
information, such as banking passwords or credit card numbers.

Comprehensive Protection against Network-based Attacks
eScan 11 includes a set of predefined access control rules that you
can customize as per your requirements. Firewall that has been
enhanced for seamless integration with your operating system. In
addition, it includes the Network Traffic Monitor that monitors
incoming and outgoing network traffic. In also provides users with
the option to block the execution of network-based executable files,
thus preventing the spread of infections within networks.

Extensive Asset Management for Complete System
eScan 11 helps to perform static asset management by using the
System Information tool. This tool helps administrators obtain
complete information about the hardware and software deployed on
the computer and on the network.

Prevent Data Theft and Virus Infections through USB Drives
eScan 11 prevents data theft and Virus infections through USB and
Fire-based devices. It includes the Application Control, which helps
you to block or permit applications from running on networks and
stand-alone computers.

Lock Files and Folders that are very Critical and Confidential
eScan 11 provides a new Folder Protection feature facility by which
you can protect specific files and folders from being modified or
deleted. The main advantage of this feature is that it prevents the
specified files from being infected by malicious software. In addition,
the files and folders that are protected cannot be deleted unless the
folder protection is turned off. This helps you to safeguard your
confidential data from infections due to malware.

Eradicate Rootkits and File Infectors that cannot be Cleaned
in the Normal Windows® Mode
With eScan 11 you can create Windows®-based Rescue Disk files
with the help of eScan Rescue File Creation wizard. The Rescue
Disk file cleans Rootkits and File infectors from boot-infected
computers that cannot be cleaned in the normal mode of the
Windows® operating system. In addition, eScan 11’s product
Installation CD comes with a set of installation setup files and
bootable Rescue Disk. The bootable Rescue Disk enables you to
clean boot the computer if the operating system fails to load on it.

Automatically Checks & Downloads Critical Updates from the
Microsoft® Web site
eScan 11 automatically checks and downloads critical patches for
the Windows® operating system from the Microsoft® Web site. It
thus prevents malware from exploiting vulnerabilities, existing in
your operating system.

Automatically Provides Compressed Updates as per the
Available Bandwidth
eScan 11 continuously provides automatic compressed updates
for the software and the virus and spam definitions. This protects
your computer from the latest security threats.

Comprehensive Reports for In-depth Analysis
eScan 11 supports comprehensive reporting capabilities for all its
modules, which you can use for in-depth analysis.

Round-the-Clock Expert Support
24*7 FREE Online Technical Support (via e-mail, Live Chat, and
Forums) is provided round the clock to all our customers. FREE
Telephonic technical support is also provided through our offices
during business hours.

Available in:
English, Deutsch, French, Greek, Italiano, Latin Spanish, Nederlands, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese Simplified and Russian.
System Requirements:
Processor: Pentium II 200 MHz or Higher
RAM: 256 MB (512 MB Recommended)
Internet Explorer 6.0 & above
Hard Disk: 500 MB of Free Space
CD-ROM Drive

Available platforms:
Windows® 7 / Vista® / XP / 2000


[ All 32 & 64 bit Editions ]
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Current Version = 11.x - Multilingual
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